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Be the change

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We are all searching for deeper levels of love, understanding, peace & kindness. What if we started that search from within? What if we were that change that we continue to search for externally?

As I take the plunge to start a blog, I wanted to begin with a topic that will set the tone for my posts. Something that intrigued my mind & continues to stay in the forefront. That something was just one sentence; a quote. Every experience we encounter will change us from the moment that it begins to the moment it ends. We are never the same again. I made a conscious choice to stay aware of what life hands me, strives to teach me & where it directs me. With a desire to spread love, share light & inspire change, I knew that the time was now. Matter of fact, the time was today. I didn't wake up thinking that I was going to start my blog today, I didn't have a plan & sometimes all that you need is a little kick in your behind from a really awesome friend to say, "Today is the best day. Do it." I began to type away.

At 14, I discovered my favorite quote that I--still to this day--search for deeper meanings of. It read, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandha. Be the change, I thought. How can I personally, one individual, reflect this change that I wish to see? By going inward.

The change inducer must first involve themselves in the change to actually bring about the change in others who are around them. If you want to view the world through a certain lens, adjust it. Keep shifting it until your vision is exactly as you desire. If you want to see a world full of kindness, be kind. If you want to be surrounded by a world full of love, be love. If you would rather be exposed to hate, jealousy, anger, then make that choice. Whatever it may be, take the time to recognize what it is that you do want. The people who aspire for a change by indicating the desire to see a change in others have to spread it before the change actually comes into existence.

We are brought into this world subjected to many things, but as we get older, it is our responsibility to adjust what isn't true to ourselves. Change is never an easy task nor something that we are always in favor of. When it came to this change, I knew that it was about a choice. I believe that we are presented with two, evolve or repeat. Every desired change must happen in thought first. If I want my visions of unity throughout the world to come to life, I have to BE the change. I am the only person that can decide how I will project myself & my energy out into the Universe.

It is in the moments when everything looks hopeless that we have a real chance to grow into something better. Darkness. After all, if nothing developed, there wouldn't be any butterflies. They live for change. A world without these ever-changing insects wouldn't be much of a world at all.

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