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Digital, printable workbooks and guides

Work of heart.


My work, your work, the rest of the world’s ‘work’ is set apart from one another, not by trying to be different, but rather by being themselves.

Nothing conveys what you stand for more than when you stand in your authenticity and deliver that part of you each time.

My work is intended to help guide, teach and heal the people who choose to implement these tools into their lives.


I Am A Series of Small Victories

This workbook is designed for anyone looking to better celebrate any and all wins. This workbook may also be helpful for those suffering with depression and a lack of interest in everyday life.


An Affirmations with a Why

This workbook is designed for anyone that is interested in a twist on creating affirmations. This workbook may also be helpful for anyone trying to overcoming limiting self-beliefs. For anyone looking to rise above self-worth issues.


The Me-cation Workbook

This workbook is good for anyone who is interested in a tool to fuel their imagination and creativity. It is also good for those trying to regain independence, trust in their own decisions, reacquaint with their self-care and self-worth.

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