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Macy's kindness and compassion shine through her work.

Her ability to be unbiased and nonjudgmental allows for open communication and getting to the heart of one's intentions. I was working through a move and implementing new habits with the life change. Our sessions motivate me to work towards my goals (some of which I had not recognized were so important to me without her guidance) and stick with them. Speaking each week gives me the space to reflect and celebrate my progress - no matter how small. It's very apparent that Macy loves helping others.

I highly recommend her service if you're looking to live a more positive and fulfilling life!


- Darcy, life coaching

I found Macy's chair yoga to be one of the only forms of movement and exercise that my body could tolerate with my limitations. It helped me achieve a greater range of motion. I felt less back pain afterwards and more mental clarity. I felt overall more confident in my abilities.

- Frank, 1:1 chair yoga class for Parkinson's patient

Macy’s empathic nature, ability to listen, and passion for helping those in need are irreplaceable assets when it comes to her coaching sessions.

I started working with Macy after getting sick while continuing to work on autopilot through the pandemic in the country’s epicenter, New York City. I found myself in a tailspin of constant worry, crippling anxiety, and feelings of loss, as I battled my mind over health concerns, lack of fulfillment, and job security, as pay cuts came in and layoffs started.

Macy helped me pull myself out of the tailspin by helping me look inward and challenging me to address my perspectives and goals surrounding my career path, past experiences, and personal beliefs.

She helped me create actionable steps towards progress and followed up with me to make sure I was staying on track.

- Rich, life coaching

Today was my 4th yoga class with Macy and I would love to share our amazing journey. At my first class, I was in agonizing back pain. Throughout the class though, every part of my back slowly went back into alignment. From beginners level to advanced, Macy will challenge you to your ability.
I highly recommend Macy's classes to all ages and abilities because she will adjust her class according to what your body is capable of.
Honor thyself!

- Steven, yoga class

I really enjoyed the relaxation that I felt after Macy's chair yoga classes. I felt like my body was going with the flow even though I was seated in my chair. Her class also helped reduce my shoulder pain. I would highly recommend Macy's chair yoga classes, as she adjusts her class according to her students' needs.

- Judy, chair yoga class

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